Katy, TX Alternative Medical Specialists

Houston Health and Wellness takes the approach of figuring out why you are sick instead of simply treating your symptoms. Here in Katy, TX, Dr. Michiel Rorick offers science-based and patient-centered care that is holistic and proven effective. Dr. Rorick has brought in top Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, and Therapists to provide successful alternative treatments using innovative laboratory assessments and cutting-edge natural medicines. We provide a unique service that is tailored to each patient on an individualized basis to promote maximum optimal health.

Dr. Michiel Rorick serves Katy, TX, and the greater Houston area with top quality holistic medical and wellness care. Dr. Rorick treats a wide array of physical, emotional and hormonal disorders in order to help patients regain a higher quality of life.

Holistic Medical Doctors

Customized medical treatment is the hallmark of all well-trained and experienced holistic medical doctors. Dr. Rorick utilizes scientifically validated laboratory testing to provide the most accurate diagnosis of vitamin, mineral, nutrient and hormonal deficiencies. The results of our excellent laboratory testing make precise patient care attainable and successful.

As a holistic medical practice, our doctors do not apply “band-aids” to our patients’ symptoms. We take the time to pinpoint the root issue that needs to be addressed instead of masking over the problem with a one-size fits all approach to treatment. For the most effective alternative treatment services in Katy, TX, contact Houston Health and Wellness today to schedule an appointment.