Houston Health and Wellness is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on approximately 100 reviews from around the Web.
I really enjoyed my visit to the clinic,they customer care was great they nurses were on point and were willing to help and they answered my questions to their best of knowledge.,and I felt great when ever I left the clinic
Great custormer Service always Willing to help out and answer any questions and to give infomation
La experiencia estĂĄ muy bien el procedimiento si sirve. Yo invito a la gente venir.The experience was very good and the procedure does works. I recomend...
Great experience I highly recommend coming here to get the help you need
Dr. Rorick and his staff are truly amazing. He will help solve the issues or problems you have, not just fight the symptoms.
Then he and his wonderful staff will guide you through the treatment explaining every single detail and kindly answering any questions you may have.
It's a scan honestly. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!! Save your money and your time!!
Each case is unique and your case will be treated as such. If you have a situation where nothing else has worked, give them a try!
Each case is unique and your case will be treated as such. If you have a situation where nothing else has worked, give them a try!
Recomiendo mucho este tratamiento me ayudo mucho I tuve una ayuda extra con mi dolor de espalda tuve un golpe jugando fĂștbol i nunca lo atendĂ­ asta que escuchĂ© de el doctor rorick i me animĂ© a tomar este tratamiento es muy bueno porque no tiene nada de riesgo estoy muy contento se los recomiendo
Fue una excelente experiencia,nosotros como hispanos no hablamos de nuestra vida sexual por vergĂŒenza pero al ir con el Dr.Rorick a sido la mejor decisiĂłn todo el personal es muy amable te hacen sentir cĂłmodos y el tratamiento es muy efectivo...this has been an amazing experience as many of y’all know most of us Hispanic man do not talk about our sexual life but then when u meet Dr.Rorick and his staff they make u feel very comfortable and u forget of the shame,everyone is very welcoming and friendly and the treatment is very effective thank you all
Very professional and caring staff! They have helped me tremendously!
Dr. Rorick & Dodie and their staff were extremely knowledgeable on how to treat my fiance's health problems.
Dr. Rorick & Dodie and their staff were extremely knowledgeable on how to treat my fiance's health problems.
Fantastic staff and I couldn't have asked for better results.
I left. What a terrible ending. Makes me sick that these nice people turned out to be so cruel.
Do not trust this doctor!!!
Iris Perez
Great experience. Staff was great and helpful. Results have been great
I really don't believe I was given an exact fair chance based on my past history of excellent work, I should have been able to do this job with proper and precise training!
Great people here! I don't like taking medication and if there is an alternative treatment then Dr. Rorick and his staff can find it for me.
The staff is welcoming knowledgeable and fantastic at their jobs! Get your ass over here and get it fixed!!!
Great experience. Staff very friendly and helpful. The Gaineswave treatment improved the problem I had with ED tremendously.
The things that Dr. Rorick had promised would happen when he started treating me for my ED really came true I couldn’t be happier my wife is very happy that I came here to.
I beat my anxiety and my addiction! I am a 30 year old women and you should never say things like that to a new patient!
Basically just one awesome life changing experience! I wasn’t living my best life at 30. They are a such a great resource and team. P.S.
Basically just one awesome life changing experience! I was in a terrible cycle where I either had a 3-day migraine several times a month, dealing with the side effects from migraine medication or anxious about when the next migraine would be triggered. I wasn’t living my best life at 30. I was constantly taking prescription migraine medication that was just causing more problems (Band-Aid effect). I knew I needed an alternative way to treat migraines and found Houston Health and Wellness’ natural approach. Low and behold, we discovered lots of other factors were causing migraines. My family and friends were completely tired of dealing with and hearing about my chronic migraines; however, Amy, Jose, Dr. Rorick and Dodie are all super compassionate, helpful, attentive and will fixed me right up. I demanded a lot from them and they met my expectations throughout the entire process. They basically offered a concierge service that focused on providing highly personalized care and attention. Feels like you are getting a personal doctor and nutritionist. They opened my mind to a whole new lifestyle and it has been such an adventure. They are a such a great resource and team. You really have to want to change. They can’t do that for you. 10.8.16 was the last time I had a 3 day migraine. I am now sleeping better, enjoying my life more, present and truly thankful. I have gotten very mild headaches every once in a while but they can be dealt with by taking 1 (I REPEAT) 1 EXCEDRIN/IBUPROFEN. P.S. You can use your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account on these services.
When I first went to see Dr. Rorick at Houston Health and Wellness it was for an entirely different health reason. After a through interview of my medical history, what evolved was a transformation of myself into a healthier person, no longer dependent on the hypertension and diabetic medication I had been taking for years. Besides losing weight, that had caused my joints to be under too much stress and ache most of the time, I also received treatment for a bad vertebra causing lower back pain. Now I can move more freely and hopefully live a longer healthier life.
Only 2 sessions in and I am already noticing a major relief.
Horrible! Stay away! Dr. Michael Rorick cares more about money than his patients!
Been under their care for more then 3 years now..I love every session they make me feel brand new every time, highly recommend them..they are the best and...
This is the best I've ever been too!!! I've even referred my husband for his back issues. The Doctor himself is absolutely amazing.
Love everything about them. I wish I still lived close by. They completely managed my pain & "rescued" me.
Before finally stumbling across HHW I had been in and out more doctor's offices than I'd like to admit at age 24. I had been diagnosed with everything under...
Houston Health and Wellness has given me the strength to take on each day with new hope. The care and environment there is unmatched anywhere else, the staff...
They are the best!!! What I love about them is how much they care for their patients. They make you feel so welcomed and part of their family. I haven't seen...
This has been the best I have done for myself. While I was skeptical at first , Dr Rorick has given me back my confidence and my happiness. I have more...
Doc, Dodie and their staff have given me back my life and health. They are kind, compassionate and loving people who encourage, guide and help heal "broken"...
After doctor-hopping multiple times since being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition 8 years ago, I finally found a doctor who is helping me! Dr. Rorick...
I love you HHW and am so blessed to have you guys in my life!
Love this Doctor and Staff! They are wonderful, kind and caring. They listen and actually help! I've been a patient now for about 8 months. My pain level...
Great! I When I found Dr Rorick I was burned out and bummed out. The program he provided although a challenge has me on the path to me again. My overall emotional and physical health is much improved. I can't wait to see what the future holds!
Came in exhausted, over weight and in pain. Down 23#, pain has decreased overwhelmingly and my energy has increased so much I can do more now than I have done in years!
Amazing team! Everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly. They create the perfect environment for healing. I had been through a lot of different treatments in several places and this is the only place that I look forward to come!
When my 10 year old son started having debilitating headaches we went to the pediatrician, the ER, and every specialist that would see us. He was on powerful painkillers that didn't even take the edge off of the pain. We had MRIs and CT Scan and every other test I could convince them to run. They finally said there was nothing else they could do. He had missed a month of school and no doctor could help us. I felt so desperate. I decided that we needed to explore other options. We came for our first visit and had a full exam. After being told that my son's T-1 vertebrae was out of alignment, we had the first adjustment. From that very first adjustment, his pain vanished!!!! I cried tears of joy right there in the middle of the office. I went from hopeless to overjoyed in seconds!He is still an active kid and an athlete so we make sure we come back regularly to keep his neck and spine in good, working order through all the tackles, falls and swings of the bat.
Exceptional personalized care. The work that they collectively do is clearly their ministry. Your physical, mind body & spirit is healed whole again! Love these guys!
I met with Dr. Rorkin for low energy and trouble sleeping. After completing a personally designed cleanse, detox and personalized nutrition regimen I am sleeping well and experiencing improved energy levels. Patience and persistence prevails.
I came to Houston Health & Wellness after being referred by a good friend from church. I would have back pain about twice monthly lasting about 4 days per episode. I have experienced great results here. Dr. Rorick & his staff are highly skilled, attentive to my needs & so friendly.After about a week & a half, the pain left & has not returned. I just finished week 4 here. They treat the whole body, not only the back. I am now better able to deal with stressful situations as well.This is money well spent. I highly recommend Dr. Rorick & Houston Health & Wellness.
This clinic is very professional, addresses ones Health issues and devises a plan to solve and improve their lifestyle. Emphases is on education and training providing me with the skills to go forward with a healthy and productive life. All employees are caring and attentive and c!inicians are highly skilled