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Dr. Rorick and his team have created an atmosphere of healing. Please take a moment to review our patient testimonials below.

These are an accumulation of the 30 years we have been giving our patients a new expectation of what quality of life means to them!

Patient, Sandra Kitterman writes:

“I have been using Houston Health and Wellness for several years and I couldn’t ask for better personalized care. The staff is friendly and courteous above and beyond any place I have ever been. I recommend them to all my co-workers and friends.”

Patient, Eliot Levin writes:

“Dr. Rorick and the entire staff at Houston Health and Wellness are incredible, both professionally and as people. They truly care about the health (and overall wellness) of their patients. I feel loved and cared for from the time I enter the office to the moment I leave – and I always leave feeling so much better! They are truly an exceptional group, and I would recommend them highly to anyone.”

Patient, Amanda Bonfitto writes:

“I’ve been going to Houston Health and Wellness for years now, and I have never been happier with a health care provider. That’s probably because I have never had a single healthcare provider do so much for me, and so quickly. I’ve learned to mention every single thing that is abnormal, whether I slept on my pillow wrong last night or I am randomly nauseated today, Dr. Rorick has a solution, and I walk out amazed that there was such an easy solution. I’ve even brought my asthmatic mother, who is on oxygen 24/7, in to see him when she was visiting from out of state and was looking for a quick adjustment. Not only did Dr. Rorick make her severe back pain much more manageable for the week, he also helped open her lungs up and she remarked all day at how much more air she felt like she was getting. And she loved the HydroMassage! All of the staff at HH&W are wonderful. Very friendly, very helpful, very patient – not to mention how good you feel after they work their magic on you. I really do look forward to every visit, and plan to keep them as part of my routine as long as I am in Houston.”