There are certain times in life when you know that you do not feel “right,” but you either cannot explain it to your physician or their tests reveal that noting is “wrong.” This can be highly frustrating because you know that something is not functioning properly inside your body, and it is affecting different areas of your life. What conventional medicine and conventional physicians frequently do not understand is that the person is an integral whole. Every system in the body works for the betterment of the entire body. Therefore, when even one system is slightly askew, it can have a negative impact on many different areas.

At Houston Health and Wellness, Dr. Michiel Rorick and his dedicated team of trusted doctors and specialists are proud to work together to ensure that a customized approach for each patient is achieved. Our doctors are willing to work together to have the best results for each case. We do not simply treat your symptoms because we know that symptoms are signals reflecting the overall health of the body. We first identify what is causing the symptoms so that we can treat the root problem and heal the body from its source.

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