Chronic Bladder Infections

Chronic Bladder Infections
Bladder infections occur when bacteria assault the urinary bladder and/or the urinary tract. Women are much more susceptible than men to bladder infections due to the physical makeup of their urinary systems. Chronic bladder infections can be a significant problem for some women and can cause progressive damage resulting in scarring, kidney failure and even infertility.

Houston Health and Wellness is dedicated to helping patients with alternative treatments to find relief from chronic bladder infections. While conventional physicians want patients to rely on antibiotics, there are natural treatments available that benefit the body and do not cause unwanted side effects.

Alternative Bladder Infection Treatment

The standard treatment for bladder infections is the prescription of antibiotics. While antibiotics are an easy fix, they are only an easy fix for the short term. People who suffer from chronic bladder infections will continue to be susceptible to bladder infections, and the infections will generally become worse with continued and repeated use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are often unnecessary and can cause more problems than they do treatment. Antibiotics destroy harmful bacteria, but they also destroy good bacteria that prevent pathogenic bacteria from growing.

Houston Health and Wellness offers alternative bladder infection treatment to those who suffer from chronic bladder infections. Prevention is one of the most beneficial treatments, and through prevention we can reduce the need for antibiotics for the long-term. Think about this: many women who take antibiotics for a sinus infection, for example, end up with a yeast infection. This is because the antibiotics have disturbed the bacterial flora of the vagina so significantly that another infection has developed. Antibiotics are certainly not a long-term solution, and are often more destructive than beneficial. The specialists at Houston Health and Wellness are committed to using a multi-faceted approach to helping patients find an alternative solution to bladder infections.

Chronic Bladder Infection Symptoms and Causes

Most bladder infections are caused by the E. coli bacteria. Factors associated with increased risk of bladder infection include: sexual intercourse, pregnancy, menopause, mechanical trauma or irritation, and structural abnormalities of the urinary tract that block the free flow of urine.

Symptoms of chronic bladder infection are burning pain while urinating, increased frequency of urination, cloudy, foul-smelling urine, dark or bloody urine, and lower abdominal pain. A simple urine analysis will reveal significant numbers of bacteria and white blood cells.

At Houston Health and Wellness, we understand that chronic bladder infections may also be an indicator of another health condition that needs to be addressed. While we are diligent to help find relief of your uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms, treating an underlying problem may be necessary to provide the most long-term solution for your frequent bladder infections, which ultimately improves your quality of life.

Houston Health and Wellness is here to help you find the relief and prevention you need from chronic bladder infections. Please contact us today.