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Houston TX Holistic Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain is a condition in which people cannot “beat” pain – it continues no matter how many pain pills, muscle relaxers or prescriptions they take. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting for six months or longer, and it affects 50 to 80 million Americans and costs the United States more than $100 billion in social costs each year. While chronic pain can often be associated with a certain event or trauma, it long outlives its original cause. A body that has undergone chronic pain for a long period of time begins to self-destruct, causing the pain to worsen and adversely affect the immune system and kidney function.

Houston Health and Wellness is led by Dr. Michiel Rorick and a team of specialists who provide effective alternative treatments for chronic pain. Chronic pain can be debilitating, and it can post negative consequences on a person’s entire life. Our customized approach to health and wellness seeks to determine the cause of your chronic pain, not simply treating the symptoms.

Holistic Treatment for Chronic Pain

Houston Health and Wellness provides holistic treatment for chronic pain. Conventional pain management for treating chronic pain falls short because the treatment plans consist primarily of pharmaceuticals and procedures. Chronic pain requires a holistic approach, which involves physical therapy, functional restoration, acupuncture, massage, an anti-inflammatory diet, and other naturopathic approaches that treat the whole person.

Conventional medicine fails so often because it wants to treat symptoms and relieve pain, rather than finding the root issues and healing them. Treating the symptoms of pain will not find their root causes; thus a long-term solution will not be found that will lead to people achieving maximum optimal health. We are dedicated to treating each patient as an individual who is seeking a better life.

Alternative Medical Care for Chronic Pain

Alternative medical care for chronic pain provides an effective solution for those whose quality of life has been negatively affected by pain. Chronic pain is not normal and it is not “in your head.” If you have suffered from chronic pain without finding long-term relief, please contact Houston Health and Wellness today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michiel Rorick to discuss successful alternative medical care.

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