Chronic Sinus Infection Treatment

Chronic Sinus Infection Treatment
Sinusitis is a common, chronic and often debilitating condition that has been labeled as “incurable” by conventional allopathic medicine. Many people suffer from chronic sinus infections their entire life because they believe that they are just a part of life. Houston Health and Wellness wants patients to understand that there is successful treatment for chronic sinus infections. You do not have to settle for repeatedly taking antibiotics in order to get over a sinus infection. The repeated use of antibiotics can do more harm to your body than benefit it, which is why most people are prescribed a stronger antibiotic with each recurrent sinus infection – their bodies are becoming resistant because antibiotics kill the good stuff in our bodies as well as the bad.

Houston Health and Wellness uses and integrated and multi-faceted approach to our holistic treatments for chronic sinus infection. Food sensitivities (especially dairy sensitivity), allergens, and the overuse of antibiotics often compound the symptoms of sinus infections. Dr. Michiel Rorick and our team of specialists offer alternative treatments for effective relief from chronic sinus infections.

Do you suffer from Chronic Sinus Infections?

Severe sinus pressure. Congestion. Headaches. Postnasal drip. Fatigue. Irritability. All of these are symptoms of sinus infection. For those with chronic sinus infection, living with these symptoms on a repeat basis can drastically affect your quality of life.

Do you suffer from chronic sinus infections? If so, there is hope – and that hope does not involve another round (or two, or three, or more) round of antibiotics!

Holistic Treatment for Sinus Infections

We believe that there are more effective and beneficial methods of treating sinus infections than the over prescription of antibiotics. Dr. Rorick leads a team of individualized specialists to take an integrated approach for the holistic treatment of sinus infections. Dietary changes, chiropractic care, therapy, and other alternative treatments have been found to be extremely beneficial for the long-term relief of sinus infections. We do not mask problems with a “band-aid” approach or over prescribe medications for short-term relief. We are committed to getting to the root of the healthcare problem to help patients achieve maximum optimal health.

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