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Knee and Hip Pain

Hip and Knee Pain Treatment

The hip joints are among the largest joints in the body, followed by the knee joints in size. In order to keep you mobile, the hip and the knee joints bear the weight burden of the body and keep your balance during movements. The knee and the hip joints are perhaps overlooked and most taken for granted, as many people become aware of their presence only when they experience pain. Some of the common problems that the knee and the hip joints suffer include arthritis, osteoporosis, and injuries.

At Houston Health and Wellness, we understand that each patient’s knee and/or hip pain may differ in nature, and hence the form of treatment should be customized. The treatment plan for arthritis may not be the same as that for an injury. There are different forms of treatment provided for each condition and they include, physiotherapy, medications and even surgery. Apart from these types, traction is another form of treatment.

Hip Pain: Hip pain is mostly caused by the overdoing of any activity. Whether it is exercise, moving heavy objects, stretching too much or injury/trauma to the joint, all of these factors can cause hip pain. Hip problems can affect the entire length of the leg, including the knee and even in the buttocks. Depending on the type of pain it is and the cause of the pain, the treatment procedures are extended accordingly. Typically, medication is used for simple inflammatory causes and surgery is recommended if there is a fracture, ligament tear or a crack. Physiotherapy is also effectively used to rehabilitate the hip joint and restore proper and comfortable movement.

Knee Pain: Knee pain develops due to a wide range of reasons, including a fall, a blunt force trauma or simply due to inflammations. The knee is made up of ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones (knee cap). Any impact on any of these parts can have produce painful symptoms. Other causes of knee pain include arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Symptoms of knee problems range from stiffness, numbness and locked knee joints to excruciating pain, buckling knee and numbness.

At Houston Health and Wellness, we evaluate patients carefully to determine the true underlying cause of their knee or hip symptoms. This provides the most long-term pain relief and restored mobility. In serious conditions, surgery may be needed, depending on the causes of the joint pain. Exercise is a good way to keep the hip and the knee healthy and free of pain. There are many prescription drugs (pain killers) for joint pain. However, these may not address the root cause of the problems, and they only provide relief from pain while masking the root problem. In conditions like gout and rheumatism, medications can be very effective.

Being that your knees and hips are your largest joints, they are designed to support your body’s weight ad provide mobility. Most people ignore beginning warning signs of hip and knee pains until they incur an injury, arthritis or other major problems that severely interfere with their daily function. Hip and knee pains are best treated at early onset. We have found that problems in your knees and hips can often times be traced back to the feet. We use a 3-D foot scan to look at the feet. Your foot is comprised of three arches. The Medial (inside arch), Lateral (the outside arch), and the Transverse that connects the two at the ball of the foot. With this diagnostic tool, we are able to clearly determine if the arches are part of the problem. If an arch is collapsing it is unable to support normal function of foot, ankle, knees, hips and spine. Therefore, if necessary, we are able to support the arch and re-establish proper support and balance of the structure.

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