Joint Injections

A joint injection is when steroids or any other kind of medication are injected directly into a joint, or where two bones join together. The main purpose of a joint injection is to reduce swelling and inflammation in joints and to improve the pain associated with this inflammation as the patient moves the joint. After the injection, a high percentage of patients experience relief of the pain and other negative symptoms associated with having swollen joints.

The injection itself takes only a few minutes and is performed under ultrasound and/or fluoroscopy for safety and precision. The solution injected is usually a dose of the steroid medicine that reduces the swelling and inflammation. Most injections can be performed in office with little down time and minimal side effects. For certain joints, it may be necessary to receive the injection outside of the office, but it remains an outpatient procedure with minimal recovery.

The injection process itself is essentially fairly quick for the patient. You will either be lying down or sat up depending on which joint needs to be injected. Upper body joints and knees are injected with the patient sat up and lower body joints, excluding the knee, are injected while the patient lies down.

Joint Injection Treatments for Pain Relief

After you receive your injection, the pain may lessen or even go away almost immediately. That’s typically from the local anesthesia in the needle for the joint injections, so don’t be disappointed if some pain returns after a few hours. You may also have a sore joint for a few days. This is completely normal and is caused by the way injections and steroids work. Most patients feel better within five days.

Our physician at Houston Health and Wellness will discuss your limitations, if any for the days following your injections. Your follow-up care may include applying ice to the area that was injected and avoiding strenuous activity. Most patients are free to perform low levels of activity. However, applying a lot of pressure to the joint should be avoided. Unless there are complications, patients should be able to return to work the day after the injection. Joint injections offer the chance of substantial relief with minimal risk and side effects. The most common side effect is minimal pain or discomfort, which is temporary and goes away on its own.

If you are experiencing joint pain or inflammation and want to find effective relief, contact us to set an appointment at Houston Health and Wellness today. Our physician can examine you to determine the best course of treatment for your specific joint pain.

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