Non-Surgical Spinal Treatments

With a broad span of cutting edge treatments and methods, one of patients’ favorites is that Dr. Rorick uses a very unique and specialized method of treating the spine, by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment that is safe, consistent and computerized. This allows Dr. Rorick to locate the vertebral subluxation complex and painlessly correct it without the need of twisting, snapping cracking or popping. This makes spinal treatments safe and comfortable for all patients, especially children and the elderly.While surgery used to seem to be the obvious choice for anyone suffering from acute spinal discomfort or pain, alternative, cutting edge treatment options, seem to be gaining widespread acceptance now. Thousands of people succumb to pain and take desperate measures to get relief. However, that’s not the case anymore. Thanks to Dr. Michiel Rorick, surgery is not the only successful treatment option available these days. With the advanced state of the art equipment that Dr. Rorick uses, and the innovative patient care that his team provides, one could not be in better hands. The methods used redefine medical science and take a brand new treatment approach in the fields of neuromuscular physiology and chiropractic science.Non-surgical approach with Dr. Rorick: Frequent lower back pain is common among adults these days, with more and more teenagers adding to the count. Prior to accepting the first mode of treatment option post diagnosis, it’s advisable to approach a trained musculoskeletal Doctor. Dr. Rorick has over 30 years of experience in the field and he’s known to have changed the lives of thousands of people. All this has been achieved with the help of his state of the art equipment the vast majority of his patients avoided having to go under the knife. This non-invasive approach is preferred by many without the complications associated with surgery.Many patients prefer Dr. Rorick’s state of the art equipment treatment over manual manipulation: Snapping, cracking or popping are normal with manual manipulation. Most patients prefer to bypass the snapping, cracking and popping during the course of the treatment. They like to go with the state of the art equipment that Dr. Rorick uses as it’s known to be a safe and non-invasive method that is comfortable, consistent and computerized. It’s also gentle, precise and is known to adapt the latest technology available. The state of the art equipment allows Dr. Rorick to analyze the spine and treat it accordingly. It’s a well-researched neurofunctional approach that’s both fast and effective.The risks associated with surgery can often be avoided with Dr. Rorick’s treatments: The risks involved with a back surgery vary from patient to patient. While some patients might face only minor discomfort, others can be affected severely. Stroke, heart attack and nerve damage are few of the major consequences of a back surgery. If it’s fusion surgery, then the patient suffers because the mechanics of the back are changed forever. Flexibility of the back diminishes and additional stress falls on the non-fused segments. This an make day-to-day activities more difficult.The right call: Surgery is not the only answer to relieve back pain. Moreover, the advantages of trying non-surgical treatment options are many. It’s less painful and involves lower risk. The treatment conducted by Dr. Rorick using his equipment is completely adaptable and can be clubbed with most ongoing treatment techniques.The state of the art equipment that Dr. Rorick uses is different from others: While it’s easy to assume that all instruments are the same, it’s best to understand the scope of the equipment before we brand it as ‘ordinary’. The state of the art equipment that Dr. Rorick uses is gentle and computer-controlled to deliver precise forces at optimal frequencies. It’s completely safe and reliable, and an option worth considering before opting for a surgery.

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