Protecting Your Body with Custom Orthotics for Pelvic Stabilization

When it comes to the foundation of the body, your feet are a group of twenty six bones and ligaments that are responsible for supporting your body when you stand, run, or walk. Your feet are also responsible for making sure that your bones, spine, and tissues are not damaged from the stresses that your body creates when you walk, stand or run. In fact, you are certain to get the best performance when your foot muscles, bones, and arches are supported in their normal positions and function properly when they are in motion. One way to ensure that your feet work properly to help the rest of your body function is to use custom orthotics for pelvic stabilization.

Custom Orthotics and Their Functions

It is a well-known fact in the healthcare profession that one tactic of getting rid of body aches and pains is not to focus on the problematic area, but to focus on another part of the body that could be causing the pain and discomfort. When it comes to alleviating the pain of the pelvic area, your doctor may suggest that you focus on correcting the function of another body part, like your feet. The pain in your pelvis could result from your feet not being balance which could cause your pelvis not to be balanced as well. Custom orthotics for pelvic stabilization balances the feet to ensure that the body is able to perform efficiently, relieves the pain in the pelvic region, and contributes to the body’s overall wellness. You are certain to lead a more active and pain-free life by using custom orthotics for pelvic stabilization.

How the Orthotics Work for Your Pelvis

If you are a person who suffers from an issue with the pelvis, you can greatly benefit from custom orthotics for pelvic stabilization. The orthotics are specially made to help stabilize the pelvic and spinal region by starting with the source of the pain, the feet. Here are the main points associated with custom orthotics as a treatment for pelvic pain:

  • Custom Orthotics balances the arches of the foot. When arches are in good physical balance, your joints and muscles are able to perform properly and without pain.
  • Whenever your feet are not functioning properly your musculoskeletal system can become painful and dysfunctional and can put your ankles, knees, pelvis and spine at risk of being injured.
  • Not only do imbalanced feet affect the pelvic area, it also affects the spine, hips, and knees and could lead to serious joint and muscle problems if not handled properly.

In general, custom orthotics support the three arches of the feet to control any unwanted movements and to the body which reduces uninvited stress and injuries on your body. Custom Orthotics help provide cushion and stop the stress of repetitious stress of standing, running and walking. Even better is that this treatment is not costly and is much better than attending physical therapy, taking medication, or having to go through a surgical procedure.

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