Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Giving Your Body What It Needs with Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

When it comes to choosing a supplement, there are three different quality grades of materials that are used in the products that are sold in stores. You can get products with a feed grade, which is beneficial for animals to consume. You can select a product with a food grade, which is beneficial for humans to consume. However, you may also choose a product with a pharmaceutical grade, which meets pharmaceutical standards and is superior to other grade supplements.

Although pharmaceutical grade supplements are available for purchase online or in a store, patients must understand there is a significant risk in getting them this way. At Houston Health and Wellness, we offer pharmaceutical grade supplements that are only sold to physicians and medical clinics. This ensures that your product has met the highest safety standards and is approved by our physician as an appropriate supplementation for your individual health plan.

Importance of Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

There are many different scales on which pharmaceutical grade supplements are judged. To start with, the product itself must be at least 99% pure. That means that only 1% of binders, excipients, fillers, dyes, or other substances that are unknown can make up the product. The items that are considered pharmaceutical grade supplements are manufactured and processed by the United States Pharmacopeia, or the USP, to assure consumers that they are getting all of the ingredients needed for the purpose of taking the supplement.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are considered better than your normal over-the-counter medications, which typically contain other ingredients that tend to overpower the main ingredient needed to fight the condition you are looking to address. This helps the product to be less costly, but it consequently makes it less effective. Although pharmaceutical grade supplements are often more expensive, the purity, safety assurance and regulatory confidence in a product that you are feeding your body makes it a worthwhile investment.

At Houston Health and Wellness, we can answer all of your concerns about the specific pharmaceutical grade supplement you are considering from us. We can answer questions such as:

  • Is the product you want to buy natural or organic?
  • Were there any pesticides used?
  • How and where were the ingredients grown and harvested?
  • From what pharmaceutical company did the supplements come?

Most importantly, our physicians can ensure you are taking the right supplement to achieve your health goals. We will also monitor patients who are taking pharmaceutical grade supplements so that appropriate changes can be made if needed.

If you would like more information about pharmaceutical grade supplements supplied by Houston Health and Wellness, please contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Rorick. We are committed to your overall health and well-being at all stages of life.

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