Physical Therapy

Cutting-edge treatment methods, world class patient care and a holistic approach to pain relief is what you’ll get when you approach Dr. Rorick and his dedicated team of experts. While most clinicians are most likely to advise surgery to treat aches and pains, Dr. Rorick highly recommends physical therapy and rehabilitation first. He also prescribes Neuromuscular Re-education to enhance the rate of recovery among his patients.The equipment and the techniques that Dr. Rorick uses are safe and reliable. Almost all the methods applied are natural procedures and do not involve invasive surgeries. Also, extreme precaution is taken to avoid any lapse in patient care. More than relieving pain, the focus here is to help patients reach a state of wellness — a state of well-being that’s accompanied with good health and fitness. This holistic approach to therapy is the key to the treatment techniques provided at Houston Health and Wellness.

Here are some advantages of physical therapy and rehabilitation:

The inclusion of Neuromuscular Re-education: The Doctors at Houston Health and Wellness understand their patients’ needs in depth before starting the treatment procedure. If the patient requires Neuromuscular Re-education, then that option of therapy is also provided. This treatment procedure focuses on improving balance, impaired movement and coordination. Basically, this technique improves the communication between muscles and nerves to aid movement. It’s safe and effective and helps the patient get back to normal pain free activity faster.

Reduced pain: Most surgeries involve a considerable amount of pain and suffering. However, physical therapy is associated with minimal discomfort. Also, surgeries require lengthy hospitalization and post-surgery care which physical therapy does not. The treatment starts soon after your Doctor evaluates your condition in detail and puts together a comprehensive plan. With each session, you get better and feel better. Mobility increases, and with proper care, there’s considerable relief in pain as well.

Individualized Therapy Needs: A surgery is considered to be a blanket approach to addressing the problem. However, most therapists, like Dr. Rorick, treat each case individually and apply the most effective treatment options available at hand. Along with Neuromuscular Re-education, there’s Chiropractic care, massage therapies, strengthening exercises, corrective exercises, heat and cold therapy and a whole array of other treatment options. These options are carefully considered and recommended by the Doctor after reviewing all results from the objective testing and full orthopedic exam.

Reduced Healthcare Costs: Studies reveal that early identification of pain and early treatment of physical therapy reduces the overall cost of treatment. Early treatment reduces the risk of subsequent surgery and other medical expenses like hospitalization charges. Although, many practitioners choose to go with other methods of treatment, those who recommended physical therapy at earlier stages to their patients, helped them cut medical expenses a great deal.

Improved Health and Well-being: Physical therapy also contributes towards the overall well-being of a person and increases his or her self-efficacy. Apart from providing relief from pain, physical therapy improves posture, increases mobility and helps a person better perform day-to-day tasks.

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