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Sleep problems

7 Common Effects From Lack Of Sleep

  1. Lack of sleep and or quality of sleep affects cognitive processes.  This can result in an impairment of memory, concentration, focus, and general decision making abilities.
  2. Sleep Deprivation can lead to High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack & Stoke
  3. Studies show that lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep slows reaction times as much as a drunk driver leading to motor vehicle accidents, on the job accidents along with general drowsiness and lack of productivity.
  4. Missing out on enough sleep can cause you to miss out in your own sex life.  Both men and women have lower libidos and interest in sex without proper sleep and men’s testosterone can be lowered from the lack of quality of sleep.
  5. Insomnia has been linked to depression in many studies.
  6. Depriving yourself of sleep can deprive your skin!  More of the stress hormone cortisol is released when you don’t get enough sleep.  When that happens the cortisol breaks down skin collagen which can result in fine lines, dark circles under eyes and aging skin.
  7.  There seems to be a connection with lack of sleep and weight loss as well.  It is believed by many that the side effects of lack of sleep add to food cravings and a lack of energy which combines higher calorie intake with less fat burning.

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