Symptoms of Stress

Everyone on the planet experiences stress at some point in life. In fact, we all experience some form of stress each day, whether it is small or large. How our bodies react to stress is a significant indicator of how our bodies are working. Symptoms of stress lead to the majority of physical, mental and emotional disorders that affect people on a daily basis.

Physical Symptoms of Stress:

  • Low energy
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat
  • Aches, pains, and tense muscles
  • Insomnia
  • Frequent colds and infections
  • Low libido
  • Nervousness and shaking
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Cold or sweaty hands and feet
  • Excess sweating
  • Clenched jaw, grinding teeth, and TMJ
  • Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing

Emotional Symptoms of Stress:

  • Easily agitated, frustrated, and moody
  • Difficulty relaxing and quieting the mind
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Low self-esteem, feeling lonely or worthless
  • Depression

Trusted Holistic Treatments for Stress

Houston Health and Wellness offers trusted holistic treatments for stress to residents of Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Michiel Rorick and our dedicated staff utilizes advanced laboratory testing that enables us to measure actual stress hormones in order to provide effective treatment for stress.

The symptoms of stress can have huge negative consequences on the body, affecting every area of your life. With the results from our advanced laboratory testing we are able to provide a tailored approach to meet the specific issues that are the root causes of your stress.

Alternative Medical Care to Relieve Stress

Dr. Michiel Rorick proudly serves patients with alternative medical care to relieve stress. We offer a natural approach to stress-related disorders to help you achieve a higher quality of life.

If you are suffering from high levels of stress or if the symptoms of stress are having a negative effect on your life, please contact Houston Health and Wellness today. We are here to help you achieve maximum optimal health.