Trigger Point Injections

The trigger point injection process can be considered as an effective treatment option for many patients suffering from aches and pain. Occasionally, when muscles in the body fail to relax, knots may form, causing these areas to become trigger points. These knots can be felt under the skin for most patients. Trigger points indicate inflammation in skeletal muscles and they can affect many areas of the body. Because these areas are, exertion can produce pain. The pain can either be localized and lead to spasms in the affected area or they can cause pain and spreading discomfort in different parts of the body.

What To Expect During a Trigger Point Injection

At Houston Health and Wellness, we administer trigger point injection, by first identifying the exact location of the trigger point. Once the spot is identified, our physician will mark the site, and a small needle is precisely inserted into the area. The needle supports an injection that contains the appropriate medication. Typically, the injection contains either a saline solution, a local anesthetic, or it could be corticosteroid. Most often, Lidocaine is preferred.

Immediately after the injection is given, we will clean the injection spot using either alcohol or a skin cleanser like betadine. We many also choose to use numbing sprays like ethyl chloride to minimize discomfort. To protect the area, a simple bandage can be also be used. If you experience pain at the injection site, our physician may choose to treat it with heat or ice.

Benefits of Trigger Point Injections

The most significant benefit of a trigger point injection treatment is that even a brief course of treatment will contribute towards providing sustained relief from pain. We administer trigger point injections in the comfort of our Houston clinic. The procedure is quick and involves minimal discomfort. If necessary, more than one site may be injected in one visit for your convenience. Also, in rare cases, a dry-needle technique can be used to treat patients who are allergic to certain drugs. This technique does not include medications and only the needle is inserted at the site.

Trigger point injections are known for their many advantages and minimal drawbacks. At Houston Health and Wellness, we always educate patients on potential side effects such as temporary pain or discomfort at the injection site. However, this mild downside is more common with dry-needling than with trigger point injections that are administered with medication. Adverse effects of trigger point injection are quite rare.

Apart from other advantages, the trigger point injection treatment allows a patient to participate in a rehabilitation program effectively, in addition to providing relief to pain quickly.

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