True Detoxification

Because of the world we live in with pollutants in the air and processed foods on every grocery shelf, our bodies are filled with toxins. In order to promote optimal health with holistic treatment, these toxins must be removed. Only then can your body begin to heal itself, prevent disease, and become stronger and more resilient.

Houston Health and Wellness is here to help residents of Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas find true detoxification through diet, exercise, and the decision to eliminate all products that are not natural, organic, and certified safe to eat. Our approach to true detoxification is a methodical cellular detox process that is customized for each patient, which stands in stark contrast to what patients can find in products labeled “Detox” at their local store.

Cellular Detox Treatment

In a world where we are exposed to an unimaginable array of chemicals, GMOs, EMFs, food additives, and the like, it is no wonder why many of us feel “off” despite our doctors telling us that nothing is wrong with us. Conventional physicians are quick to hand out a prescription for medication, but they are not typically helpful when it comes to finding the “why” behind our ailments. Cellular detoxification is the process in which the body gets rid of toxic sources that are causing damage at the cellular level.

Cellular detox treatment is much different than any off-the-shelf detox kit that you can purchase from your local drug store. Cellular detox treatment is a specialized treatment that safely usher toxins out of the body and help to repair the cells’ ability to function properly.

At Houston Health and Wellness, we recognize the vital importance of using a customized approach to true detoxification based on what is going on with each patient and how they specifically need to be detoxed. Unlike taking an over-the-counter detox pill or supplement for a quick body flush, true detoxification should be a methodical process that is supervised and regulated by a physician in order to provide the most effective, safe and long-term solution. We proudly adhere to a multifaceted and all-encompassing approach when treating patients with true detoxification.

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