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Weight Gain Treatment

There are many causes for weight imbalances in people of all ages throughout the United States. Unwanted weight gain can cause serious physical and emotional issues for people who struggle to lose weight or to keep it off, in spite of living a healthy lifestyle. The road to successful, healthy weight loss is not an easy one for many people. There are many challenges that await individuals who wish to embark on a journey for weight gain treatment because some of the causes of unwanted weight gain are more than “just the food choices that you make”.

It can be very frustrating for patients who keep gaining weight or can’t lose weight despite diligent efforts in proper diet and exercise. This may be an indicator that something is off bio chemically. For such patients, Houston Health and Wellness can help. We carefully identify and evaluate potential bio chemical imbalances in your body that may be causing you to struggle to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight. By restoring chemical balance and nurturing your system with what it needs and should avoid, patients find that losing weight is much easier.

At Houston Health and Wellness, we recognize and value that each patient is different, particularly when it comes to losing weight. Therefore, our physicians provide an individualized plan for safe and effective weight loss. As with many of the conditions that we treat, once the root cause is addressed, problems are much easier to manage.

When visiting our Houston clinic for weight gain concerns, you will find we take a collaborative approach to diagnosing underlying causes for your weight struggles. We consider potential causes such as glucose/insulin imbalance, hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, malabsorption, leaky gut, toxic overload and other factors that can absolutely impact a patient’s inability to lose weight despite proper diet and exercise.

At Houston Health and Wellness, we can help you determine the specific causes behind your unwanted weight gain and offer treatments to help you find a balance between your health and your desired weight. Contact us today for a personalized and specific treatment plan.

Holistic Weight Control Treatment

A holistic weight control treatment plan is different than just simply taking a weight loss pill, trying a fad diet or working out more at the gym. Holistic weight control offers much more, especially for patient’s long term weight management goals. By focusing on your entire health, we help patients implement lifelong changes that enhance their well-being and ultimately result in easier weight loss.

A holistic approach to weight control may involve looking at each person’s specific biochemistry to understand what diet approaches will work best for an individual’s needs. There is no “one diet fits all” for anyone, so it is important to know what foods to choose that are specific to your body’s needs. Your metabolic type differs from others, so finding a diet that is best suited for you is critical to your results. We also use metabolic typing, which is the process of balancing one’s metabolism in an effort to establish efficiency of body and mind, resulting in an increase in energy, a sense of well-being, diminished cravings and hunger, and with a focus on improving health.

Contact Houston Health and Wellness today to begin your journey toward your ideal and healthy weight. We offer a customized approach to help patients achieve maximum optimal health. Our lab diagnostics accurately pinpoint specific body imbalances that can contribute to unwanted weight gain.

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