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Choosing the Right Custom Weight Loss Program for You

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Losing weight can be a difficult task. For some, it is frustrating journey that does not produce results. While there are countless popular weight loss methods available, such as workout videos, taking a weight loss pill or trying an elimination diet, these are often “cookie cutter” approaches that are not customized for each individual patient. If you have tried multiple weight loss methods without success, it is time to visit Houston Health and Wellness for a customized weight loss plan. We work hard alleviate the struggle of losing weight by identifying key factors and/or body imbalances that could be influencing your inability to shed pounds.

Houston Health and Wellness is excited about Customizing Your Weight Loss Journey. Our key approach to losing weight is to determine what treatments will work for you specifically to achieve your own goals. Not every body type is the same, which means that regular weight loss methods or fad diets may not be the answer to your weight problems. Letting our Houston clinic develop a custom weight loss plan can be the answer you have been looking for. We take the following into consideration before finalizing your custom weight loss plan:

  • Are you a male or a female? Yes, gender does matter when it comes to losing weight. Females tend to hold on to body weight more than men, so to lose it may require a bit more patience than it would for a man.
  • What is your main purpose for the custom weight loss plan? Which part of your body are you aiming to slim down? You may just want to work on cutting the fat in your stomach region, or you may want to slim down your legs or your buttocks. There are even custom weight loss plans that will help you to work on slimming the entire body.
  • Where are you in your exercise journey? This question pertains to your level of expertise. If this is your first attempt at losing weight, you will be considered a beginner. For those who are hip to the fitness world, you could be considered an advanced individual.
  • Do you have any weight loss hindering conditions? There are some medical conditions that make it a bit more difficult to lose weight. For example, diabetes is a condition that may make it harder to lose weight. Also, there are specific dietary guidelines that must be followed for a person with diabetes. Thyroid dysfunction and hormone imbalance are other conditions may need to be properly addressed before weight loss can be successful.
  • Do you have a bio chemical imbalance? Many times, patients who have a chemical imbalance struggle to lose weight. Our physicians will first restore proper balance in your body before recommending a proper diet and exercise plan to lose weight. In most cases, this makes the journey much easier and more effective.

Do not let fad diets trick you into believing that you are doing something wrong in your weight loss journey. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rorick and his team of qualified professionals at Houston Health and Wellness. We help patients avoid wasted time and money by getting them on the right track with their own personalized custom weight loss plan.

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